Chocolate Balls

Nothing symbolizes the skill and drive for perfection of Aubrion Chocolates as a Ball. A Ball has no beginning or end, but it can contain entire worlds. It is in this enigmatic shape that Patrick Aubrion manages to encapsulate a maximum number of flavor combinations. Each in a perfectly balanced Ball. Each offering a precious combination of flavours and each bringing a unique chocolate sensation.

A Ball is a truly magical thing. No wonder that it is the ultimate form to play with. It is the shape that offers endless fun. So enjoy the chocolate, explore the flavours and embrace the overall experience. In other words: have a ball.

Moreish mellow Caramel Sea Salt enveloped with milk chocolate and powder sugar - Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate Balls

Voluptuous full-bodied hazelnut-nougat praliné enveloped with milk chocloate and almond-hazelnut powder - Hazelnut Nougat Chocolate Balls

Zippy dark chocolatey-Brownie ganache enveloped with dark chocolate and Brownie crunch - Dark Brownie Chocolate Balls

Gracefully satiny milk-popcorn ganache enveloped with milk chocolate and Rice crunch - Milk Popcorn Chocolate Balls

Tangy pungent speculoos-spicy almond praliné enveloped with dark chocolate and Speculoos crunch - Speculoos Spicy Chocolate Balls

Opulent resonant pinky cream of raspberry and Ruby chocolate enveloped with white chocolate and yoghurt powder - Ruby Yoghurt Chocolate Balls