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Aubrion Chocolates

A brand that is synonymous with a superb chocolate experience on a fine dining and gourmet level. An experience that begins with high quality chocolate whose origin is verified, the processing is done according to Belgian tradition and prepared with modern techniques and processes.

But it takes much more, since cocoa is one of the most complex nutrients on the planet and the possibilities are endless. It takes profound experience, in-depth knowledge and culinary creativity to bring the richness of cocoa in chocolate to life. The process is slow, fragile and intense, but the reward is a thrill that no other product can offer. This is the epitome of cocoa, this is the playing field of Patrick Aubrion.

And the real Aubrion magic probably lies in the use of secret ingredients such as love, passion and guts. With our chocolate as a base Aubrion plays the professional ball game with aromas, flavors and balanced combinations. This is reflected in six different flavor gems: the Balls. Small complex universes with a unique, thoughtful story and an otherworldly flavor experience.

And although chocolate is serious business, we shouldn't take ourselves so seriously all the time. Life is made for living, so grab it by the... well... balls.