Our gastronomy has changed. And the chocolate gastronomy has evolved too.
The truffle has remained a traditional icon for a very long time.
Until today.
We are introducing a new sensation which will stimulate all your senses.


The experience starts with the truffle’s ‘looks’. The colour and appearance will focus your taste buds on enjoyment and pleasure.


The taste sensation starts from the outside and becomes more intense once the truffle cracks and melts on the tongue. Your taste buds will be sent different impulses every second.


The structure combines an explosion of contrasts: hard-soft-intense-smooth. Ready for a second experience?


Patrick Aubrion developed an extraordinary fascination for chocolate and patisserie at a very young age.

He was only 8 years old when the irresistible attraction of chocolate and patisserie hit him like a bolt of lightning.

Patrick went to play at a classmate’s house - the son of a baker - every Wednesday afternoon during his teenage years and as soon as the doors to the atelier opened up, Patrick felt like he walked into a world of magic.

The smells, the ingredients, the sweet sensation of freshly baked carré confituur... Patrick was completely convinced. He absolutely had to do the chocolate and patisserie school.
He convinced his, initially reluctant, parents with his first praline and cake and rushed off to his new challenge. After four years of education ,he passed with brio.

Things moved very quickly from that point onwards. He moved to France (Fauchon), where he worked double shifts in order to learn everything from grandmaster Pierre Hermé.
He returned to Belgium, having acquired extensive knowledge and even more passion, he start working at Debaere and for 14 years he was Pierre Marcolini’s right hand man.

It all came together after more than 20 years of experience under “Aubrion Chocolates”.

He won a series of national and international prizes during these 20 years, including the title of European Champion and Vice World Champion, as well as a number of gold and silver medals for his artistic creations and exiting concepts.

“The future interests me far more than the past, as I intend living in it.” (Albert Einstein)